Jovision NVR JVS-VN7004-D01

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1. H.264 compression standard,  Supports ONVIF

2. Support VGA and HDMI output video signal (homologous) at the same time, output resolution is up to 1920x1080p

3. Elegant appearance,  cambered surface acrylic panel, it is able to compete with iPhone

4. With One hard disk and one pull-out hard disk stent, support directly plug without dismantling chassis, easy to operate

5. CloudSEE technology,one-key remote and network plug & play.

6. Supports 2MP video preview, recording and playback

7. Support smart function: wiring ,intrusion detection,crowd detection ,video compression etc

8. The NVR can search and add IP cameras automatically, “Zero Operation” to display the surveillance video.

9. With intelligent functions to support installers to find the problems during installation.

10. Support voice intercom, realize the two-way voice communication;

11. Support multiple remote monitoring such as CloudSEE network monitoring system ,mobile APP and Xun Guard Network Alarm Management Platform



It is applicable to shops, family, supermarkets and other indoor places.

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